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3 Signs You Have Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects a large number of dental patients. However, the good news is that dental anxiety does not have to hold you back, and there are ways to minimize or even eliminate feelings of nervousness in anticipation of a dental visit. This review discusses three common signs that indicate that you may have dental anxiety and how you can overcome them.

What are the signs of dental anxiety?

Every patient with dental anxiety has their own specific concerns about treatment, from feelings of being judged to anxiety that develops when hearing the sound of dental instruments. However, the signs of dental anxiety are often similar. Three common signs include difficulty sleeping, a fear of dental instruments, and panic before and during the visit.

Trouble sleeping

Many patients with dental anxiety have a hard time sleeping the night before, and not receiving adequate sleep can lead to an increased level of anxiety on the day of the visit. This is why trouble sleeping or an inability to sleep should not be ignored because it could lead to the patient being more hesitant to visit the dentist in the future. For some patients, one way to remedy this concern is to do something fun the night before the dental visit, such as playing a board game with friends and family members, seeing a movie, etc.

Feeling anxious at the sight or sound of dental instruments

It is important to identify the specific fear that you may have regarding your dental visit. One of the most common causes of dental anxiety is dental instruments. This could result from a bad childhood experience or not knowing how much discomfort the instrument may cause. If dental instruments cause feelings of anxiousness, talking to the dentist about what to expect and ways to minimize the sound or feeling of the instruments can help.

Feelings of panic

Many patients may feel fine before their dental visit and then develop anxiety while in the waiting room or the dental chair. This could be for several reasons, including claustrophobic feelings, feelings of being judged by the dentist, and more.

How to deal with dental anxiety

Discuss any concerns with the dentist or a member of their team before treatment. They can put together a plan to help minimize the anxiety that the patient experiences, utilizing techniques such as allowing the patient to listen to music during the procedure, educating them on what the procedure involves before performing any procedures, and more.

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