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At What Age Can You Start Having Professional Teeth Whitening?

Parents often find themselves wondering when children are old enough for teeth whitening treatments. There is a simple answer to that question; anyone, regardless of their age, can get whitening treatments. However, some things are unique to whitening the teeth of younger patients. This article will explore some of these issues so you can make an informed decision as a parent.

Teeth whitening for younger patients

Children as young as five years old can get teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist. The real question parents should ask themselves is why they want their child to have whiter teeth. In many cases, the whitening treatments are more about the parents and less about the child.

The teeth of younger patients are more resilient than those of adults. For example, children are less likely to experience increased tooth sensitivity after getting whitening treatments.

During whitening procedures, bleaching agents, like hydrogen carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, are used to oxidize stains from teeth surfaces. The molecules of the bleaching agent penetrate the patient’s enamel and get into the pulp regardless of the patient’s age, but younger patients have better circulation, vitality and larger pulpal size compared to older ones. As a result, children are better able to deal with the bleaching agents used, reducing the teeth sensitivity they experience.

The best age to whiten teeth

Dentists have learned from experience that people between the ages of 14 and 16 respond best to teeth whitening treatments. On the other hand, trying to whiten the teeth of senior patients is often the most difficult. Since most people have all their permanent teeth by the age of 14, it is considered to be the best age to get teeth whitening treatments.

Some dentists are reluctant to whiten the teeth of children between the ages of 14 and 18 since all of their teeth might not be done erupting. That is not how whitening treatments work though. The bleaching agents penetrate the patient’s enamel and travel in all directions within the enamel. That means teeth enamel under the gums also gets whitened during these treatments. As the patient’s teeth erupt further, the parts of enamel that were under the gums will be just as white as the rest of the tooth.

Whitening the teeth of young children

Whitening the teeth of a patient younger than 14 typically means the dentist will have to deal with baby and permanent teeth. It requires the use of additional whitening trays. However, children can benefit from whitening treatments, especially if they are getting bullied by their peers because of their discolored teeth. In such cases, whitening the child’s teeth is essential as it can prevent permanent psychological scars.  Studies show that teasing often leads to lifelong mental issues with eating disorders being at the top of the list.

Get your child’s teeth whitened

Call or visit our Kaysville clinic if your child needs teeth whitening treatments. Our dentist will evaluate them to determine if it is the right solution for the stains and discoloration on their teeth.

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