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Can Veneers Straighten Your Smile?

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have such a nice smile? For most, the answer is simple: they wear veneers. At one time, this form of cosmetic dentistry was too far out of budget for most people. Today, this is an affordable solution that yields great results. If you want a Hollywood smile, talk to your dentist about veneers.

What are veneers?

The first step entails understanding what veneers are. Veneers are thin shells or covers that a dentist adheres to the surface of a patient’s teeth. Typically, people want these applied to the front teeth as a way of enhancing a smile. Sometimes, a person chooses a color that matches their natural teeth. However, most patients opt for extra white veneers that look incredible.

Along with changing the aesthetics of teeth, veneers correct a variety of problems. For instance, a dentist can apply them to fix teeth with chips, gaps and those with odd shapes. One thing that many people do not realize is that veneers can also make teeth look straight.

Enjoy fast results

One exciting thing about veneers is how, in no time, these make crooked teeth appear straight. For this particular orthodontic concern, two things happen. First, the veneers can help prevent teeth from shifting to a small degree. Second, once applied, teeth instantly look straight. That means while veneers may not actually straighten crooked teeth, there is a visible impression they do.

The issue with braces and invisible aligners is that people have to wait a long time for a positive outcome. In comparison, veneers give the impression of straight teeth instantly. A patient can visit a dentist and walk out the same day with a gorgeous smile. Now, for teenagers and adults with severely misaligned teeth, invisible aligners are a great solution.

Compared to braces, these straighten teeth faster. Instead of having a metal appliance in the mouth for years, the top aligners work in a matter of months. Even after having teeth fixed, an individual can further enhance their smile by choosing veneers. In that case, the person could choose a whiter shade and perhaps different shaped teeth.

Veneer options

Although anyone can benefit from veneers, some people need them. As an example, a politician on the campaign trail wants to greet supports with a big, bright smile. A professor standing before a class of graduate students wants to portray themselves as professional. Even someone getting married would benefit from veneers on this special day. Rather than yellow, crooked or misshaped teeth, people can have a smile that shines.

For anyone with crooked teeth, it is always a good idea to consult with a dental professional. After completing X-rays and an oral examination, the two can discuss all the options for straightening teeth. Depending on the situation, it might be that veneers are what the dentist recommends.

During that visit, the dentist will provide the patient with information on the different types of veneers. For example, a dental lab ceramist can produce stacked ceramic veneers. Made by hand, these match the person’s natural teeth in shape, color and translucency. For white and straight-looking teeth, this type of veneer creates great aesthetics.

A lab can also produce pressed ceramic veneers, which are thicker. For that reason, these are stronger and more durable than other types. There is also lithium disilicate veneers, which work great for people who grind their teeth. In this case, a lab utilizes CAD or CAM technology to create an incredibly strong product.

Feel better about your smile

If you have crooked teeth and you do not find the thought of wearing braces for years appealing, consider veneers. Along with straight-looking teeth, you can choose a whiter shade or a different shaped tooth. Now is your time to shine.

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