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Caring for Your Dentures

Whether you have a full or partial denture, the secret to making them last is proper care. Caring for dentures the right way helps ward off stains and bacteria. It also ensures dentures will not wear down as quickly as dentures that are not properly cared for. If you have dentures, a general dentist may have already instructed you on how to care for your dentures. If you are new to dentures and do not know where to begin, here are several tips on how to handle and clean your dentures.

How to handle dentures

One way is to handle the dentures with care. When denture wearers clean their dentures, it is a good idea to fill the sink with water or put a towel in the sink to help lessen the impact if the dentures fall. Wearers should always use a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste specifically designed to clean dentures. Normal kinds of toothpaste can damage dentures because they are abrasive. Instead, wearers should use hand soap or dish soap to clean their dentures. In addition to brushing, dentures should always be rinsed after meals to remove any food buildup.

How to store dentures

There is a right and wrong way to store dentures. One thing people should not do is place them in hot water overnight. Hot water may cause the dentures to become warped. Similarly, failing to soak dentures in a proper solution can also cause them to warp and change shape. Wearers should store dentures in a special denture solution or room temperature water overnight. Additionally, dentures should always be kept out of reach of pets and children to avoid accidental damage.

Regular dentist appointments

Just like natural teeth, dentures benefit from regular dentist appointments. During dentist appointments, a general dentist will examine the dentures for signs of wear and damage. They will also professionally clean the dentures and check to make sure the fitting is still proper. If there is any sign that a wearer’s denture is causing discomfort or beginning to slip or loosen, the dentist will recommend an adjustment or another type of repair.

What to avoid

  • Regular kinds of toothpaste that may contain abrasive materials. Strong household cleaners should also be avoided because they can cause a denture to deteriorate or warp, requiring a repair or total denture replacement
  • Bleach should never be used to clean dentures because it can weaken the structure of a denture and cause discoloration to the teeth and metal pieces
  • Whitening toothpaste should be avoided. Oftentimes these kinds of toothpaste contain peroxide, a chemical that can harm the denture and color of the denture teeth if used too often
  • When storing or rinsing dentures, wearers should never use hot water. Hot water causes dentures to warp and change shape. When this happens, a general dentist may have to fabricate a new set of dentures

Start caring for your dentures today

There are many ways a denture can become damaged. By following the abovementioned tips, you can work hard to ensure you get the most out of your dentures. From rinsing and brushing correctly to properly storing your dentures and keeping up on dentist appointments, you will help ward off damage. If you have questions about your dentures and how to care for them, contact a general dentist.

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