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Dentist Tips From A Kid Friendly Dentist

As a kid friendly dentist in Kaysville, UT, we are passionate about helping our young patients to develop healthy habits that they can use throughout their lifetime. When you visit our family dentist office, you can expect that we will provide your child with traditional preventative care but that we will also take it a step further to answer questions, provide tips and information, and show them how they can take control of their oral health while they are young.  Spending this additional time pays dividends in the long-run because it will empower your child and reduce the likelihood of them developing serious cavities or infections in the future.

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During your child’s examination, we will discuss all aspects of oral health.  Here are some of the tips that we provide patients with on a daily basis.

#1 Buy a new toothbrush.

As a parent, it helps to remember that kids find buying new things to be an adventure.  Even if that is simply buying a new toothbrush.  We will provide your child with one during their bi-annual teeth cleaning.  On a regular basis look to see if their toothbrush is stained, starting to smell, or if the bristles are frayed.  These are all signs that it is time to buy a new one so that your child does not spread bacteria throughout their mouth.

#2 Use fluoride.

At Kaysville Family Dentistry, we recommend that your child has a fluoride treatment once a year in order to reduce the likelihood that they will develop cavities.  Studies have shown that a professional fluoride treatment from a family dentist can reduce the risk of decay by 30 percent.  As a Kaysville, UT kid friendly dentist, we want our young patients to be healthy and pain-free so we are inclined to recommend anything that will help to reduce tooth decay and toothaches.  At home, you can have your child brush with a fluoride toothpaste for additional daily protection.

#3 Stay away from soda and sour candy.

Anything acidic can harm your child’s teeth.  In our 84037 family dentist office, we advise parents to keep their children away from all types of soda and sour candy.  They are terribly acidic and even diet soda has a pH level that is closer to battery acid than water.  By having your children drink water and milk instead, you can work to actively protect their teeth.

#4 Be sure to floss.

Flossing is often overlooked and underrated.  It is, however, the most important thing you can do to prevent gum disease.  We can provide your child with fun flossing tools to use at home but you can also purchase them at a local drug store.

#5 Become a fan of broccoli, spinach, and kale.

Giving your children green leafy vegetables to eat will help to strengthen their teeth.  This, along with dairy products, lean protein, nuts, and crunchy vegetables is all part of a healthy diet that can help your child to fight off tooth decay.  Just like candy and soda can harm their teeth, the good food they eat can work to strengthen them.

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As an 84037 kid friendly dentist, we can help your child to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  While we depend on you to implement positive oral hygiene habits at home, we still need to clean their teeth at least twice a year to remove any built-up plaque and tartar.  During these appointments, we can also provide them with a fluoride treatment, apply dental sealant when necessary and restore any teeth that are suffering from infection or decay.  To schedule an appointment with our family dentist office, call (801) 546-2439 today.


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