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FAQs About a Dentist for Kids

Taking children to the dentist’s office can be difficult, but a dentist for kids may make things easier. These types of dentists work with children so a more enjoyable experience can be had for both parties. Parents can be more at ease and children can feel safer and more welcomed!

Want to know more about dentists for kids? In this article, we go over frequently asked questions about these types of dentists! If you are considering taking your child to the dentist, then you may find this information to be helpful.

FAQs: Dentists for kids

Is a dentist for kids something that you are considering? If so, then read on to find out the answers to common questions!

1. What is a dentist for kids?

It is simply a dentist who works well with children! Many family and general dentists accept patients of all ages. But a dentist for kids specializes in working with and treating children. These types of dentists are trained in the same way that a general or family dentist is, except they learn more about working specifically with children.

2. What does a dentist for kids do differently?

Treatment and care are both provided in the same way that a family or general dentist would administer them, but the experience is what is different. A dentist for kids will spend more time encouraging the child to feel safe and welcome. They will likely provide incentives for good dental care, such as a treat or stickers.

Another major difference is the environment of the dentist’s office. A dentist for kids will likely have an office full of kid-friendly decorations, such as stuffed animals or televisions with cartoons. A kid-friendly office environment can make the experience more enjoyable.

3. Why should I consider a dentist for kids?

Parents often struggle taking their child to the dentist because it is new and frightening. But a dentist for kids will likely make the experience feel safer and more secure. Taking a child to a dentist who specializes in working with kids will likely not make the experience so traumatic or scary for the child moving forward.

4. What can dentists for kids treat?

Anything that a family or general dentist can too! Dentists who specialize in working with children undergo the same training that a general dentist does. However, they may take additional courses in working with children. Dental cavities, routine exams and cleanings and so much more can easily be treated by a dentist for kids.

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