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General Dentistry: Have a Broken Tooth?

Dealing with a broken tooth can cause a great amount of stress and worry among dental patients; however, general dentistry can help treat it.

What steps need to be taken for fixing a broken tooth?

When patients have a tooth that is broken, it is important to follow certain directions to help restore the tooth. The following four steps explain what to do after having a tooth break.

1. Clean the mouth

It is important to rinse the mouth with either salt water or warm water. If there is bleeding, gauze will need to be applied to soak up blood. A wet tea bag can be used as a substitute for gauze if none is available.

2. Call a dentist

A general dentistry appointment should be made as soon as possible. Patients who have broken a tooth need to have the proper treatment as soon as possible, usually within a 24-hour period. The longer a broken tooth is left untreated, the higher the risk of complications. In addition, if treatment is not immediately received, the dentist may not be able to save and restore the tooth.

While waiting for an appointment, patients can take Ibuprofen to help relieve any discomfort or pain and use cold compresses to reduce any swelling.

3. Keep an eye out for complications

It is important to watch out for signs of complications, such as an infection. Signs that an infection is present include bad breath, gum swelling, increasing pain, sore glands in the neck and a sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. If an infection is present, the patient may need antibiotics and to also have pus drained.

4. Treating the break

There are a variety of treatment options for a broken tooth. For a tooth that is cracked or has a small break, the broken or chipped piece may be glued or repaired via bonding, which uses plastic resin to seal the break. For bigger breaks, a filling or a crown covering the broken tooth may be used. For severe breaks in which the pulp of the tooth is affected, a root canal may need to be performed or the remaining tooth may need to be removed completely.

5. How can breaks be avoided?

Precautions can be taken to avoid a broken tooth in the future. Take care to avoid biting down with a large amount of force on ice, hard candy or popcorn kernels. Mouth guards can help protect teeth during sports and may also be worn at night for patients who grind their teeth and clench the jaw while sleeping. Practicing good oral hygiene and keeping the mouth healthy will also make the teeth less susceptible to breakage.


General dentistry can help treat a broken tooth and restore function. Practicing good oral dental hygiene and protecting the teeth from hard foods and sports-related injuries can help prevent a broken tooth in the future.

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