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How a Smile Makeover Can Change Your Smile

For individuals who have spent a lifetime being unhappy with their smile, the idea of a smile makeover can be life-changing. Cosmetic procedures can alter the look of a smile and improve dental health if the patient has been suffering from issues that stem from decayed or crooked teeth. Before going into the initial consultation, a potential makeover candidate usually wants to have a good idea of the possible results. 

How does a smile makeover change a smile?

Depending on the individual’s issues and the procedures chosen, the results of a dental makeover are variable. Researching the procedures and viewing before-and-after pictures can help a patient get an idea about what types of results to expect.

Fix dental health issues

For many patients, the first step in a smile makeover involves fixing any ongoing dental health issues. Cosmetic dental work is most successful when the mouth is healthy. This means if teeth are decayed or otherwise damaged, these issues need to be addressed and corrected before cosmetic work can begin. The added benefit to bringing a patient’s dental health up to date is that the patient often takes extra effort to maintain the level of health once the work has been completed.

Gain a brighter and whiter smile

Sometimes a dental makeover involves keeping the same teeth shape and positioning but using professional methods of whitening. Professional whitening can transform the look of dull or yellowed teeth quickly and efficiently with long-lasting results. Whitening is most often used in conjunction with other cosmetic services during a full smile makeover.

Change the shape of the teeth

The most common procedures during a makeover involve the shape or arrangement of the teeth. Teeth that are crooked, chipped, turned, are too small for the face or have gaps can be altered in several different ways. Inlays or overlays can be placed on teeth that are in the correct position but need a shape change or a gap closed. In many cases, patients opt for veneers to change the entire shape and position of the teeth. Missing teeth can be filled in with dental implants.

Alter the gum line

Some patients have issues with the amount of gums that are visible when they smile. During a smile makeover, the gum line can be altered if needed. Work inside the gums is also sometimes necessary before implants can be used. If the patient does not have enough bone to secure the implant, surgery can be performed to make the implantation process possible before proceeding.


A person’s smile is one of the first things other people notice. For individuals who are uncomfortable with their smile, a full dental makeover is possible. Changes during a smile makeover vary depending on what the smile looked like before the procedures, which procedures are performed and the patient’s personal preferences. Many smile issues, from teeth shape and size to problems with the gums, can be improved with cosmetic alteration.

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