How Implant Dentures Are Placed

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Implant dentures are stable, strong, and permanent. These restorations are better than removable dentures. Implant dentures have dental implants for support. These titanium rods make implant dentures desirable teeth replacement systems for a full arch. Placement of these permanent dentures usually takes two surgeries and at least five months to complete. If you want to know how dentists place implant dentures, here are the steps.


On the day of consultation, the dentist will inspect the patient’s mouth. Dental X-rays will help the dentist see the patient’s dental structures. Some dentists use a CT scan to see where the nerves and cavities are. This will also tell them how much bone the patient has. Then, the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth. The dental lab will use the impression to create temporary dentures.

First implant surgery

Here, the dentist will place the titanium rods into the patient’s jawbone. The dentist will make a small cut and drill implant slots into the jawbone. Placement of the titanium rods will follow. The dentist will then close the incision. This will happen for the other implants as well.

Healing will take place in eight weeks. During the healing period, the patient will wear temporary dentures. The patient will be on a strict soft diet. Before the second surgery, the titanium rods will have fused with the gums and bone. Good healing will make the implant dentures successful.

Second implant surgery

During this stage, the dentist will reopen the gum on the top of the implant slots. Then, the dentist will attach the collar or healing cap to the head of each titanium rod. This will help the healing process. The patient needs to wear the healing cap for about 10-14 days. After healing, the dentist will replace the healing caps with abutments. The dentist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth again for the permanent implant dentures.


The dentist will place a metal bar on the abutments. Then, the patient will try on the new framework and implant dentures. When the dentist confirms that the implant dentures fit, the dentist will secure them. The dentist will also place ball attachments to secure the frame to the implants.

Controlling the pain

Before each surgery, the dentist will give sedation, general anesthesia, or local anesthesia. The patient and dentist should discuss the most suitable option. The dentist will instruct the patient what to drink and eat before the surgery starts. If the patient is going to have general anesthesia or sedation, there should be someone who will accompany the patient home afterward. Someone should also help the patient around the house until the effects of sedation or general anesthesia fade.

Knowing about implant dentures can prepare you well for the procedure

Implant dentures provide strength and stability. These teeth replacements are better than removable dentures. You can have more freedom with implant dentures instead of removable ones. Setting up an appointment with your dentist can start your journey to a better quality of life.

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