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How to Care for Your Dentures

If you have dentures, it is important to know how to properly care for them. After all, dentures that are well cared for are more likely to last longer than those that are not properly cared for. Additionally, well cared for dentures are good for your mouth and that lessens the risk of infection or irritation developing along the gums. Check out the following ways to properly care for your dentures below.

Brush and rinse

One of the most important things denture wearers can do to care for dentures is brush and rinse them regularly. However, regular toothpaste should never be used because it is abrasive and may create tiny scratches and grooves where plague and even food can build up. Instead of regular toothpaste, there are special kinds of denture toothpaste and soft brushes designed to help prevent harmful scratches and grooves from developing. Thorough brushing will remove plaque and food particles and help keep the dentures from becoming discolored.

Use denture cleaner

Equally as important as brushing is rinsing dentures with a denture cleaner. While there are special cleaners available in stores, using mild hand or dish soaps can be effective as well. That said, one should avoid using household cleaners and bleach. These products are too abrasive and harmful for dentures.

Store dentures when not in use

When dentures are not being used, they should always be stored in a manner that keeps them moist. This helps prevent dentures from drying out and losing their shape. One of the most common ways to store dentures when not in use is to keep them in a soaking solution or water. When one is unsure how to store dentures, a discussion with a dentist may be in order. Dentists can help advise denture wearers on the right way to store dentures to keep them from warping or becoming damaged.

Do not skip cleaning mouth and gums

Once dentures are thoroughly cleaned, the next step for denture wearers is to use a soft brush to scrub the palate, tongue and gums prior to putting dentures in. Doing this helps stimulate circulation in the gums and removes any built-up plaque so that tooth decay does not set in. In addition to cleaning gums and other parts of the mouth, it is also important to massage the gums on a regular basis. Rinsing the mouth with saltwater regularly also helps cleanse the wearer’s gums before putting in the dentures.

When to see the dentist

Denture wearers should see a dentist or prosthodontist at least every six months. Regular dental care is important so a dentist can examine the wearer’s mouth and dentures to ensure the fit is nice and firm. Dentists also check for other dental issues, like decay or infection. Nowadays, dentists also check for signs of oral cancer and will clean any remaining regular teeth a patient may have.

Proper care helps dentures last longer

Just like regular teeth, proper denture care helps them last longer. There are many steps involved in the denture care process. From brushing and rinsing to massaging gums and keeping up on regular dentist appointments, all of these are important for a healthy mouth. If you need help working out a care plan, contact your dentist.

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