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Periodontics Treatment: Scaling and Root Planing

Kaysville Family Dentistry provides periodontics treatments and scaling and root planing procedures for patients throughout the 84037 area.  If you are concerned that you could have gum disease, we encourage you to call (801) 546-2439 and schedule an appointment with our Kaysville office right away.  Even if you do not yet have gum disease, as a preventative dentist, we can clean your teeth and the area around your gums in order to reduce the likelihood of you ever developing this condition.

Common Signs of Gum Disease

  • Red and swollen gums.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Your teeth suddenly looking longer or larger.
  • Loose teeth or dentures.
  • Pain when brushing, flossing, or eating.
  • General discomfort in your gums.

Visit Kaysville Family Dentistry for a Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

As a Kaysville, UT preventative dentist we can reduce the likelihood of you developing gum disease by cleaning your teeth twice per year.  However, if you do develop gum disease we can treat the condition right away by performing a scaling and root planing procedure.  Typically, gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar on the portion of the teeth that is underneath the gum line. Once there, the plaque begins to irritate the gums to the point that they swell, bleed or begin to recede and pull away from the tooth structure.  To prevent the condition from worsening, we need to remove the plaque and tartar that is causing this irritation.  A scaling and root planing procedure allows us to do so while also smoothing out the surfaces of the roots so that your gums and roots can begin to heal. As a result, your gum tissue can begin to return to good health and you will be far more comfortable.

A scaling and root planing procedure is completed under anesthesia so that you do not experience any discomfort during the actual procedure.  Afterward, you can expect some minor swelling and your gums may be tender to the touch.  You can take ibuprofen and use a cold compress to help reduce the swelling and soon your gums will begin to look and feel better.

If your gums have begun to recede, you may need additional periodontics treatments in order to complete the restorative process.  For example, you may need a gum graft.  This is a common periodontal procedure where tissue is grafted to your gums so that they can be secured back around your teeth. We will let you know what is likely to be required when you visit our 84037 dental office for an examination.

Visiting Kaysville Family Dentistry Can Save Your Teeth

Untreated gum disease can lead to adult tooth loss, making it important that you visit our office as soon as possible to have this condition treated.

Schedule an Appointment for Periodontics

As a Kaysville preventative dentist, we will work to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  However, if you are showing signs of gum disease, it is critical that you schedule an appointment with our office for periodontal care.  Gum disease can spread fairly quickly, so the sooner you receive treatment, the better it will be for your oral health and your comfort.  To schedule an appointment with our periodontics office, call (801) 546-2439.


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