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Preventing Peri-Implant Diseases [Implant Supported Dentures]

Implant supported dentures are a great way to replace multiple missing teeth long-term. However, to ensure your new teeth remain secure and do not require repair or replacement too early, it is important to do everything possible to prevent peri-implant disease from developing.

Peri-implant disease and implant supported dentures

Peri-implant disease can cause serious concerns and put the implant in jeopardy if it worsens or lingers for longer than what is necessary. The following is an overview of implant supported dentures and peri-implant disease, including information about what peri-implant disease is, the symptoms and how to prevent it.

What are peri-implant diseases?

Peri-implant disease is a condition that occurs in dental implant placements that causes gum inflammation, deterioration and eventually bone loss around the site of the dental implant. It is similar to periodontal disease, and one of the main causes is a buildup of bacteria on the gums around the implant site. There are two primary types of peri-implant disease, which are peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. Peri-implant mucositis typically occurs first and develops into peri-implantitis, which is more serious.

Signs of peri-implant diseases

It is important to recognize the signs of peri-implant disease as early as possible once they develop as it is sometimes reversible when caught in the very early stages. The symptoms of peri-implant disease are similar to that of periodontal disease, and they include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Gum discoloration
  • Bleeding gums
  • Gum erosion

Those who do not keep a consistent oral care routine, use tobacco or have previously been diagnosed with periodontal disease are at an increased risk of developing peri-implant disease.

Tips for peri-implant disease prevention

Perhaps the best way to prevent peri-implant disease with implant supported dentures is to practice good oral hygiene by thoroughly yet gently brushing several times a day, along with flossing daily and using mouthwash as recommended by the dentist. To prevent a more severe case after symptoms develop, it is important to also check for signs often and visit the dentist regularly and any time symptoms develop. It is also helpful to limit foods high in sugar, quit smoking and alcohol use if possible and drink water throughout the day to wash away food particles and bacteria.

The benefits of implant supported dentures

Although peri-implant disease is a risk, it is rare among those who care for their new teeth properly and avoid a build-up of bacteria around the implant site. The benefits of implant supported dentures include improving cosmetic appearance that brings many added confidence, functional benefits and fewer food restrictions than other teeth replacement solutions. While proper care is essential, the benefits of implant supported dentures most often outweigh the risk of peri-implant disease.

Visit a general dentist for more information

An essential component to preventing peri-implant disease with implant supported dentures is to visit the general dentist regularly for routine check-ups and scheduled cleanings. If you want to learn more about peri-implant disease or are interested in implant supported dentures as a way to replace multiple missing teeth, then reach out to us today to schedule a time for a consultation visit.

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