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Techniques Used by a Pain-Free Dentist

Some people get nervous just thinking about a visit to the dentist due to fear of pain, but a pain-free dentist could be the solution for those who have dental anxiety. More and more dentists are becoming pain-free dentists, using services and methods of treatment that allow for a much more comfortable, worry-free experience for the patient.

If you experience pain even with a local anesthetic, definitely let your dentist know. Some patients get embarrassed about their pain tolerance, and many do not want to interrupt a dentist during a procedure. However, communication is key between you and your pain-free dentist. Be sure to talk with your dentist about pain, and your level of pain specifically, before it starts so your dentist knows how to communicate with you and make your experience more comfortable.

Pain-free dentistry treatments

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a dentist is the ability to alleviate pain through various dental treatments. Many patients have toothaches so severe that they are not able to sleep or function due to dental pain. Pain-free dentistry is not only a relief to the patient but helpful to the dentist as well, allowing them to complete treatment without worrying about hurting the patient.

Sedation dentistry is one method that pain-free dentists use to make the patient feel more comfortable. This includes using nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, to ease their fears, or even using a general anesthetic to put the patient to sleep during a dental procedure. Pain-free dentistry can be used for almost any dental treatment, including cavity fillings, scaling and planing and extractions.

A pain-free dentist strives to provide the most relaxing and comfortable methods of dentistry available today. Dental anxiety may try to get in the way of seeing the dentist. But rest assured, all concerns will be heard when with a pain-free dentist.

With sedation dentistry tactics, many patients feel as if their dental treatment has lasted a much shorter amount of time than in reality, in some cases only minutes. Sedation dentistry is one of the many methods used by a pain-free dentist to provide a relaxing environment for any dental procedure. Pain-free dentistry helps to eliminate any dental anxiety that patients may have, allowing those with a fear of the dentist to visit the office more frequently than they would with a traditional dentist.

Many patients — even adult patients — experience an intense fear of pain. In fact, pain is the most common fear reported by modern dental patients, especially the fear of needles and local anesthetic injections. Thankfully, modern advancements in pain-free dentistry allow for a much more comfortable experience than even just a decade ago.

Overcome your dental anxiety with pain-free dentistry

When patients have a toothache the best course of action is heading to a pain-free dentist. Instead of avoiding the dentist, set up an appointment with our pain-free dentistry team to ease your anxiety and get you the quality dental care you deserve.

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