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Treat Tooth Decay With a Dental Filling

Dental filling

A cavity, commonly referred to as tooth decay, is basically a hole that develops in a person’s tooth. Cavities start small and become increasingly bigger with time if the problem is not addressed. Many cavities do not cause pain in the beginning, so it can be hard for a person to realize there is a problem. Regular dental appointments are very important because they can allow the dentist to detect tooth decay early.

What fillings do

During the dental filling procedure, the dentist will remove the decay inside the cavity. This is often done with a drill before filling it in. Removing the decay is usually necessary to prevent further damage. But it will not repair the damage to a tooth that already occurred. That is where fillings can be beneficial.

Fillings can replace the part of the tooth damaged by tooth decay. Dental fillings can be molded to match the shape of the surrounding tooth. Dental fillings restore the strength as well as the integrity of the tooth. Fillings can also prevent decay from re-entering the area. Dental fillings are very popular because they restore full health and functionality to a patient’s tooth. Depending on the type of dental filling chosen, fillings can even match the color of the teeth.

How dental fillings are inserted

The dentist will first numb the decayed tooth using a local anesthetic. It will be injected into the area. The anesthetic will help prevent any pain. The dentist will then remove the decay and ready the tooth before placing the filling. The ideal method for inserting the filling will be determined by the type of filling chosen.

How long dental fillings last

How long the dental filling lasts depends on several factors. One important factor is the patient’s dental hygiene. Good dental care can help ensure that the filling will last for a long time. It can prevent a new cavity from developing on the tooth. The lifetime can also vary depending on the type of dental filling used. A patient should ask the dentist about the timeframes of the various materials. But it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s teeth and lifestyle are different, so the timeframes can vary from patient to patient.

Bottom line

A dental filling is a good treatment option for tooth decay. The procedure involves digging out the decay and placing the filling. Besides treating tooth decay, it can also help prevent the development of other serious problems. Exercising good oral hygiene can increase the likelihood of your filling lasting for many years. If you want to find out more about the procedure and how to care for a dental filling, talk to your dentist.

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