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Using Laser Dentistry for Oral Surgery: FAQs

Laser dentistry is a less invasive way to treat issues with infected or damaged tissue to improve oral health. However, there is still a lot that most do not know about laser dentistry specifically for oral surgery, which is addressed below.

Things to know about laser dentistry

Many dentists and oral surgeons use laser dentistry for oral surgery as an alternative to scalpels and other dental instruments, and many patients prefer it as it is less intimidating and often causes less physical discomfort during treatment. The following are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about laser dentistry.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the use of a high-focused light beam to target and remove infected or damaged tissue, although it may be used for other purposes as well. It is becoming a more common way to perform oral surgery in patients with severe gum disease. Gum surgery is a relatively broad term. The more common types of gum surgery that laser dentistry works well for include, but is not limited to pocket reduction and regeneration.

Will there be any pain from laser dentistry?

There may be a minor amount of discomfort during laser dentistry for oral surgery, but it is typically less than the discomfort associated with treatment with other dental tools and equipment. There will also be minor bleeding with laser dentistry, but the bleeding is wiped away quickly.

The dentist may also recommend sedation dentistry for more invasive oral surgery procedures. After the surgery, there may also be some discomfort and swelling, and the dentist can help the patient recover as quickly as possible.

Is laser dentistry effective?

Although laser dentistry is relatively new as a popular form of treatment for oral surgery, the studies thus far are promising. Laser dentistry can help target and remove diseased and damaged soft and hard tissues to improve oral health and reduce the risk of infection. The lasers may also help the patient keep more of their healthy tissue as laser dentistry have more accurate results in removing diseased tissue directly.

How long will laser dentistry for oral surgery take?

Laser dentistry is not too long of a process and many oral surgeries that utilize laser dentistry take two hours or less. Of course, the exact length of time depends on a range of factors, including the type of surgery and the severity of the concern. Treatment typically does not take more than two or three visits. The first visit is to discuss treatment options and answer the patient’s questions. Then, a time for oral surgery can be scheduled on the same day. After oral surgery, the dentist may require follow-up visits.

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