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Ask a Family Dentist: What Are the Benefits of Dental Cleanings?

Any family dentist will tell you that flossing and brushing your teeth regularly are very important. They can help to keep your teeth clean and remove plaque. Your breath will also be fresher if you pay attention to your oral health. But you should still not put off having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist or dentist. Dental cleanings are crucial to your oral health.

Seeing the family dentist

A typical checkup visit will often include a complete cleaning by a dental provider. The providers are highly trained and can take care of the dental needs of patients. Visiting them periodically can help a patient maintain a healthy smile. Here are some of the benefits of dental cleanings.


Plaque is a sticky film that often builds up on the teeth as well as under the gums all day. Plaque contains bacteria, which end up combining with sugars in food to produce acid. After a while, this acid wears away at the enamel on teeth. This results in cavities.

A person can remove plaque at home by brushing and flossing it away. When plaque is not removed, it will harden or mineralize into tartar. Just like plaque, tartar triggers tooth decay and it is much harder to get rid of it. Tartar can also cause gum recession and disease. Unfortunately, tartar cannot be removed by flossing and brushing better at home. The most ideal way to remove tartar from the mouth is with the help of a family dentist.

A family dentist has the skills and appropriate equipment that can clean areas of the teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach. This is why people are encouraged to visit dental offices frequently. In fact, many dental providers recommend that both adults and children see their dentists every six months for teeth cleanings and examinations. Regular dental checkups can help the practitioner to identify a problem early before it can cause any major problems. A thorough cleaning will also keep the gums and teeth healthy and looking great.

Caring for the teeth

People should take care of their teeth and gums between regular dental checkups. Plaque always forms on the teeth. However, it can be managed by brushing the teeth twice every day using toothpaste that contains fluoride. Flossing daily will also help.

Dental providers can suggest many other suitable products that can help patients. People can benefit from using cosmetic mouthwashes. These products are often aimed at freshening the breath and maintaining a healthy teeth color. But most of them also contain fluoride that helps fight cavities.


Continuity of care is a vital aspect of any health plan and dental health is no exception. When you keep up with regular dental appointments, your family dentist will be in a better position to catch oral problems early. Your dentist may be able to catch gum disease when it is still reversible or cavities when it is easy to deal with them. Without a doubt, dental cleanings are very important. Call your family dentist today to set up an appointment for a thorough cleaning and checkup.

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