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Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Summer

Summer is a fun filled time! We want you to enjoy, but don’t forget about your dental health. We have compiled a list of tips to ensure your smile is as happy as you are this summer!

Don’t Chew On Ice

We know you want to chew on the ice in your cold summer drink but refrain! Ice can be tough on your teeth. It can, in some cases, break your enamel and cause damage to your teeth. Sip on those icy drinks but don’t bite!

Avoid Too Much Sugar 

Summer is full of sugary drinks and treats but try to limit your intake because it can damage your enamel and cause cavities. Make sure you’re still brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day to prevent tooth decay. You don’t need to cut out sugar completely, moderation is key!

Don’t Forget About Your Teeth On Vacation!

Summer is for vacations and fun in the sun! But, remember to bring all of your dental products with you on vacation. Find travel sizes to keep your teeth in check on vacation. Remember to store your toothbrush properly while traveling, to ensure it is not contaminated in your luggage.

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth can cause bacterial growth. Staying hydrated promotes your health and prevents tooth decay. Bring a water bottle with you on your outings!


Don’t forget about your appointments during the summer. Make an appointment today!

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