Dental Implant Restoration Procedures for Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Restoration Kaysville, UT

If you have one or more missing teeth, you might consider getting a dental implant restoration. It is a great option if you have thought about cosmetic dentistry in the past. However, no matter your reasons, an implant is a long-lasting solution for you. It helps replace several missing teeth in your mouth. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dental implant restoration.

All about dental implant restorations

Patients often find that getting dental implants is a better option than the other treatments available. The implants preserve the bone in the jawbone since it acts as a root to replace the missing ones. Bridges might not be the right option since these rest on the existing teeth. That can cause the surrounding teeth to begin to wear down. Plus, the area might start to lose some bone density.

The patient may find it difficult to floss or brush around restorations such as bridges and partial dentures. The good news is it is not difficult to care for an implant. That way, the patient does not need to worry about the area beginning to decay. When getting a traditional crown, it might be more challenging for the dentist to match the tooth color properly. The crown could come out at some point too.

However, dental implants do not have the issue since the false teeth are in the mouth securely. That means the crown will last for many years, allowing the patient to smile easily. The implants are designed to last a lifetime. That will be the case if the patient flosses. Otherwise, gum disease could cause the restoration to fail.

A long-lasting solution

One of the reasons that dental implant restoration procedures are so popular is that the results can last for a long time to come. Once the patient has received the implant and begun to heal, it is not hard to care for the area. The patient only needs to brush and floss regularly, the same way as the natural teeth. The false teeth will last for many years to come, as long as the patient performs the right care. That includes having regular dental appointments to check for gum disease or other issues.

Patients have many options when it comes to dental implants. For example, a patient could have a bridge supported by implants for multiple missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures could also be used for a lot of missing teeth. The teeth rest on the bone instead of the gums. That means the patient does not have to worry about gum damage.

Pick the right dental implant restoration procedure for you

When it comes to missing teeth, you will want to have them replaced as soon as you can. Otherwise, your body might begin to absorb some of the bone, causing you to lose mass in the jawbone. You can talk to the dentist about the options and whether implants are the right solution for you. Then you can look forward to a beautiful smile.

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